The Online Slots Online Basics, part 1

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February 8, 2022

Slots, or slot machines, account for most of any land-based or online gambling venue. Let’s find out the basics: its mechanics, its features, its types, and so on!

What is RNG?

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The driving force, or brains, of any slot machine, land-based or online, is the RNG, or Random Number Generator. This is a computer program that operates according to an algorithm and determines randomly what combination of symbols will fall out on the screen. This process is independent of any external objects or sources. Nobody, like a slot developer, operator, or player, can influence the outcome of the RNG. This is the pillar of the gambling world. 

Things to know about slots

Slots have no memory.
The program does not know how the previous round ended and, thus, does not take it into account when calculating the next combo.

The result of each spin is random.
There is no plan or rational action behind it. The chance of activating free spins is the same, regardless of the number of bets the player has made before. The bonus game can start after the first and after the hundredth spin: it is completely random.

The RNG algorithm is connected only at the moment of clicking the spin button.
Even if potential intruders can gain access to its code, they cannot take advantage of it.

It is important to know that RGS reliability is verified by various industry controllers, like iTech Labs, eCOGRA, and others. Plus, every legal online gambling venue has a special license issued by an iGambling monitoring body, such as Curacao Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gaming Commission, etc. 

Basic terms description

The probability of prize combos fallouts and payout volumes in slots vary. These parameters are already defined by the provider in the development of the device.

This is the slot’s efficiency indicator. It is expressed as a percentage, for example, 96.75 percent, and shows how much money from the total invested amount will be returned by the slot machine to the players. The higher RTP, the better. 

This parameter determines the slot’s risk level. High volatility slots provide rarer payouts, but of a larger size. On the other hand, slots with low volatility keep a better balance, but payouts are smaller in terms of amounts. 

Number of lines
Payouts are subject to the combinations of identical slot symbols. The number of possible combinations determines the number of lines.

You can check out these parameters by studying the slot interface, or by visiting the game developer’s official website.

Online s2lots types

Online Slots

Both the gaming rules and slot machines at various online gambling venues are very different. They are developed by hundreds of software providers (also known as game developers), and the total number of slots is just not countable; there are literally thousands of various online slot machines that appear every day. There are various classification systems for slots, but the basic model looks like this: 

Classic slots

These slots resemble good old slot machines from land-based casinos. They usually have three- or five-reels, and a limited number of lines; their mechanics are simplified. Such slots may not offer bonus games, free spins, or wilds. Such old-school slots intentionally have simple graphics and interfaces.

Contemporary slots 

These are the most popular types of gambling machines at online casinos. Such slots offer interesting designs, very different numbers of reels and rows, and winning lines. They include interactive bonus rounds, free spin offers with cumulative multipliers, etc.

Live slots

These are the very same slots as the previous two types, however, there’s a big difference: the gambling process takes a live dealer to participate. The whole gaming process is live-streamed so a player can communicate to the dealer, just like at a land-based casino. 

Jackpot slots

These are slots that are designed to generate larger prize funds, called jackpots. The slots could be fixed or cumulative, or progressive. This is why progressive slots need to charge an additional commission from each spin to establish a jackpot. 

Basically, at any online casino, you can visit the ‘Slots’ section and check out the whole variety of slots, divided into subsections. 

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