Main Slot Variations Offered at Online Casinos

Slot Variations
November 17, 2022

Using the 22Bet Login, you will find a replica of the physical world in your virtual space. For instance, when you visit a physical casino, there are usually tens or hundreds of slot machines with unique graphics and symbols; this has been introduced in online casinos.

Online casino software providers have designed thousands of slots, and new slots are added almost every time. There are so many slot games that you are sure to find something on par with your interest; it could be your favourite sport, some history, adventure, or fantasy.

In this post, we will explain the major forms of casino slots available online; including themes, multiline video slots, special feature slots

Themed Slot

Themed Slot

Themed slots are available both in online and physical casinos. It is meant to appeal to your interest, so it is a very relaxing variant of slots. For instance, a football lover may choose a football-themed slot; adventure seekers can go after Ancient Egyptian slots or Roman Empire ruins.

You can also find themes related to movies, legends, culture, religion, mythology, TV shows, history, geography, and game shows.

If you’re sick of playing the same game over and over, you’ll find them refreshing; they appeal to your interests, and slot themes are educative and relaxing, which might improve your gaming focus.

Multiline Video Slots

Multiline Video Slots

There are multiline slots both in physical casinos and online. These are slots with more than one line. Most of them have three rows of five symbols each. When you look at the screen, you can bet on the horizontal lines and how the symbols move up and down, left and right.

To play these slots, you must determine how much to bet on each line and how many lines to bet on. The main advantage these games offer is that you can earn more money and play faster than single-line slots.  

We recommend that you learn the single-line slots better before trying the multiline.

Special Feature Slots

When playing online slots, your earnings solely depend on the winning combinations of the reels on the screen. But to spice things up, many games include some extras here and there. These extras can boost your profits.

We have seen Online slots offer extras like free spins, multipliers, and a unique pay table; it can be relaxing to know that you can earn more than your basic slot wins.


We have considered the three most popular slot categories in online casinos; it might not be wrong to say slots enjoy such popularity and acceptability due to the variations, especially the themed slots that appeal to individual interests.

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