Football Or Tennis To Bet On?

Football Or Tennis betting
April 13, 2022

Football Or Tennis? 

Plenty of bettors worldwide often wonder what is the most predictable sport for betting? Of course, they would like to constantly win in gambling, this is why they try to look for all the fine points and nuances. Some like to bet on team sports, and others prefer individual sports, it all depends on where it goes better.

Many punters believe that betting on sports is easy money, although in fact may not be. It is all about analysis, strategies, expert opinions, and even having enough bravery for a bold bet. Moreover, sometimes even all those qualities are just not enough to make an accurate prediction. So let’s check out what it is to bet on football matches and tennis games. 

Is It Better To Bet On Football, Or Is It A Lottery?

Football bets

It is fine to start with definitely the most popular sport in the world, that is, surely, football, or soccer. Mathematically, football does not look very predictable, primarily because there are 3 possible outcomes in every match:

  • First team victory.
  • Second team victory.
  • A draw.

In this case, the probability of a correct outcome is only 33.3 percent, although in soccer there are also plenty of other bets, like the first goal, number of yellow cards, number of corners, etc. Such bets decrease the probability of a win even more. On the other hand, there are some 50/50 bets, with chances of winning from the bookie increasing, like totals, handicaps, etc.

So it is completely up to you and your expert opinion in soccer on what strategy to choose and pursue, and what types of bets to rely on. 

What about match-fixing?

Football betting

Although match-fixing is now more about some backyard leagues and tournaments, it could still be an issue even at the top level. It is true that in top competitions like the EPL, UEFA Champions League, World Cup, or Euro, the chances of match-fixing are low for various reasons. So please choose the most popular tournaments or championships to be on the safe side. This is also true because the VAR (Video Replay System) is engaged in most of the top games around the world. This technology vastly decreases potential corruption among the referee team. because the VAR judges will cancel this decision.

Betting On Tennis Games

When answering the question of which sport is easier to make money from betting, special attention must be paid to tennis. Tennis tournaments are very popular all over the world, both for men, and women. 

Tennis is a fairly predictable sport, although there are some nuances and delicacies, too. To begin with, tennis is an individual sport (though it is also played in doubles), so the outcome depends on an individual’s performance, not the whole team, as in football. On one hand, it is much easier to check out an athlete’s fitness, on the other hand, the chance of trauma, or just being suddenly unfit for various reasons is higher than in team sports. Plus, in tennis, there are lots of tournaments and it’s hard to predict which one of them the athlete is focused on. This is why instability is a big issue for modern professional tennis, and it relates to women to a much greater extent.

So, before placing a bet, devote your time to carefully studying the athlete, not only his or her recent results but also the performances on different surfaces. This is important because one tennis player can show good results on clay, and perform much worse on grass. Also beware of betting on battles of ultimate opponents, such as Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer, where the chances of winning are always almost equal.

A Great Advantage

However, a great benefit of betting on tennis games is that there are only two possible outcomes: win 1 or win 2. Don’t think, though, that betting on a favorite with odds of 1.45, for example, will eventually turn out to be a winning bet. Tennis is also pretty unpredictable, though less so than some other sports.

So, it is still up to you to make the right decision. Go for it! 

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